SECTOR 9 Downhill Division Deck Jackson Jacko Shapiera

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SECTOR 9 Downhill Divion Deck Jacko Shapiera

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Sector 9 Downhill Division Hijack Longboard Skateboard is Aussie Jackson Shapiera Pro Model. A classic Sector 9 Downhill Division shape with aggressive, race-inspired concave for more grip. With nice wheel flares up front to keep your foot from moving a natural foot-stop, a w-concave in the rear for optimum leverage for busting out toeside standups or predrifts. 37" x 10"x 25.625"-27.625." Perfect board for downhill, fast freeriding, or both.

This deck is the culmination of several different iterations and prototypes made at Sector 9 headquarters. Jacko being critical on the finer points of the board shape, and even rarer for him to take a step back and realize they have gone too far in search of that perfect feel. Apart from the shape, Jackson also explored several concave molds. He finally landed on one with humps in the at the front for your toes to push against and keep you locked in, a non-intrusive W in the middle for the added strength and smaller humps at the back to help with the board feel.

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