RAD Adam Persson Influence Wheels 70mm

Artikelnummer: A10972

Größe: 70mm | Auflagefläche: 56mm | Härte: 78a

Kategorie: Wheels / Rollen

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Rider Approved Designs introduces the Adam Persson Influence. Taking inspiration from Thor and Viking lore, this wheel is meant to bring down the hammer. It features a unique shape, designed to maximize grip in every turn. Push it sideways, and you'll be controlling your speed to ensure you hit the apex. 

This pro model features the Crown Core, a 70mm diameter and a 56mm contact patch. The small offset hub allows the inner lip to flex for maximum traction making it a good "I like to go fast down hills", freeriding type of wheel. This wheel is designed to rally any bend you come across. Be bold, be brave, and bring down the hammer with the Adam Persson Influence.

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