Lush Mako Woodgrain Complete

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Ein Pintail Shape zum cruisen und carven mit Style

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Iconic UK longboard brand Lush have finally got back in the pintail game!

The Mako is a refined 44" pintail shape, fuller and longer than most others we have in the shop.

By rounding off the nose and tail, Lush have managed to create a shape that no only looks good (which is, let's face it, the whole point of a pintail!), but it's also a lot more functional than most other pintails out there.

A mellow flex, long wheelbase, wheel wells, a die-cut griptape job, and a simple graphic on a super-classy woodgrain finish make the Mako the perfect choice if you want a pintail longboard.

The Elite Complete is a premium cruising/carving setup, with super-light aftermarket Sabre Forged Precision Freeride Trucks. Precision trucks on a pintail might seem like a bit much... but step on some and you will immediately feel the smoothness of turn and rail-like tracking. Fast, plush Cult Rapture Wheels give you enough grip, speed and control, and the whole thing is rolling on smooth Sabre Trucks Built-In Race Bearings. The deck features extra-large router cut wheel wells for extra clearance!

The Pro Complete is built with Sabre "Standard" 180mm longboard trucksSabre Trucks Built-In Race Bearings and Cult Rapture Wheels. This is seriously good value - the Sabre's are far superior to other trucks on completes at this price point, and the Cults roll fast and grip well. Like the Elite setup, the Pro comes with the enlarged router-cut wheel wells for clearance with bigger wheels.

The Standard Complete comes set up with Sabre "Standard" 180mm longboard trucks, ABEC5 Bearings and Cult Wheels Classic 66's.



Length 44" / 111.7cm
Width 9.5" / 24cm
Wheelbase 30.5" / 77.5cm
Tail 7.25" / 18.4cm
Flex Flexy
Profile Mellow Taco Concave
Construction 7ply 100% Canadian Maple

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