Lush Machine 3D Deck

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Lush Machine 3D Woodgrain Deck war schon mal montiert, dafür inklusive Griptape!

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The Machine 3d is the latest update of the classic Lush Machine! Honed to perfection by the team (especially Jooz) over the the last year, it's a perfect freeride/DH/do-everything deck. You can air a ramp, ollie some stairs, dodge some traffic and bomb a hill all in one day. Don't be fooled by the simple appearance? through many re-shapes and revisions we have finally got the rail profile to work in tandem with our custom 3D concave to give us the perfect foot-feel we wanted.

About this product:

Length 38.5 inch /97.7cm
Width 10 inch 25 / 4cm
Wheelbase 25.3 inch / 64cm - 24.54 inch/ 62cm
Tail 6.45n inch / 164mm - 6.82 inch / 173mm
Construction 8ply 100% Canadian Maple
Profile 3d Rocker with a kicktail
Flex Stiff

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