Lush DAGYR Complete

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das neue Poolshape board von Lush Longboards

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Lush's new pool/retro cruiser shape is awesome!!

Built to shred the bowls or cruise in style, the Dagyr is a great do-everything skateboard with a bit of flair.

Cold pressed from Canadian Maple, the Dagyr is built to carve your local bowls, shred the kerb outside your house, or just blast to work in style.

At 31.25x9.25" it's bigger than most other skateboards and mini cruisers out there, and the old-skool eighties shape is super functional and comfortable for all kinds of skateboarding.

Built up with Sabre Street Trucks, ABEC 5 bearings, Cult Classic 66mm wheels, Regular Grip and Sabre hardware. This is a whole lot of fun for not a lot of money!

The Dagyr makes a a perfect pool deck for gnarly pool skater, or can also be built up into a real nice retro cruiser.

Artwork by Tempocide

Length 31.25"
Width 9.25"
Wheelbase 14.5" - 15"
Nose 5.5"
Tail 6.82"
Flex Stiff with plenty of pop
Profile Oldschool radial concave
Concave Pool
Construction 7ply 100% Canadian Hardrock Maple

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