Kebbek Ben Dubreuil Topmount 38

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Kebbek Ben Dubreuil Topmount 38 ist der innovative Klassiker von Kebbek

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The Kebbek TopMount Deck has been Kebbek's team rider's choice since they have launched it in 2001 as their favorite downhill racing deck. They decided to give it a little bit of a facelift with a handful of new features that will open up what you can do with this board. No wonder that the teamriders Ben Dubreuil and Juergen Gritzner had to get their own version of the TopMount that is a little longer, wider and sports a slightly steeper concave. Surely, you will agree that you want foot lock for going fast, but still like to shift your feet around when you are in the streets. Kebbek balanced the foot platform, so the foot lock is apparent, but you are not cemented into position, making it more playful for everyday skating. Enjoying the small kick tail on the end, you will love it when you face a curb. Even downhill decks should be able to ollie and the Kebbek Ben Dubreuil TopMount 38" Longboard Deck does for sure.

We advise you to use longboard trucks with a hanger width of 180 - 200 mm and longboard wheels with a height of 72 mm max. on this deck.

length: 96,7 cm?
width: 25,3 cm?
wheelbase: 60,5 cm / 61,5 cm / 62,5 cm / 63,5 cm / 64,5 cm / 65,5 cm / 66,5 cm / 67,5 cm / 68,5 cm
construction: nine plies of maple, microdrop, flared wheelwells, rocker, kicktail
concave: high
flex: stiff
truck mounting: topmount
griptape: none

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