Gullwing Trucks Mission 10" TKP Achse

Artikelnummer: A10919

Gullwing Mission TKP Achse Breite 10" pro Stück

Die perfekte Cruiserachse zum Carven

Hangerbreite: 182 mm
Gewicht: 411 g
Bushings: Cone / Barrel 90A
Bohrungen: Old-School & New-School

Kategorie: Achsen

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When you'll be looking for a standard truck who actually turns and surf like you're on a wave, well, just keep in mind that the MISSION truck works like magic! From the cruiser who wants to have a big fun on the way to school, to the hard carver who wants to surf the sidewalk as he does at Noosa Heads and be able to pop an ollie if needed : everybody deserves the smooth feeling and the awesome fun of this truck. 
If you don't believe, just give a try to this standard truck, who is no standard at all!

+ Cruising
+ Carving

6 holes mounting baseplate
TYPE - Conventional
SIZE 10.0"
BUSHINGS - 89A Cone & Barrel Combo


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