Catch Surf Odysea Log 7'0 Quad Amaze/Twist Barry McGee

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Hier kommt das Barry McGee als 7'0 Log Quad

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Odysea® LOG finless and quad-finned concepts designed by Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano.

  • All details of these exclusive models were designed by Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano.
  • Available in both fully finless and special quad-finned models.
  • No leash plug.

The LOG template makes for an epic finless ride! Special concept model inspired and designed by Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano. Fully finless version is the purest essence of surfing and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Quad finned model is for those who wish to have option of adding or removing fins; comes with special side-bite fins for perfect balance of drive and slide.


  • 6'0" x 22.0" x 3.125" (57 Liters)
  • 7?0? x 22.0? x 3.125? (72 Liters)


  • Limited edition Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano signature model.
  • Fully finless version for true freedom of Slide and Glide.
  • Quad-finned version includes Hi-Performance Fin System with removeable "side-bite" fins.
  • Stiff Dual Composite Core
  • Triple Maple-Ply Stringers
  • Durable HDPE Slick Bottom with Bumper-Tail
  • Old-School PE Deck with Throwback Design
  • Designed by Catch Surf in California, U.S.A.

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