Catch Surf Beater 54 Twin Fin Kalani Robb Pro Model (electric lemon) 2018

Artikelnummer: A11785

Surf it or skim it!
Das vielseitigste Softtop-Board am Markt.
Perfekt zum Shredden kleiner Wellen.

Stoßresistente, glatte HDPE Unterseite

54" (4'6") x 20" x 2.5" (30 Liter)

Kategorie: Beater 54 Special

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Surf it with or without fins, bodyboard or skim it; do whatever the heck you want.
The Beater will turn an average beach day into an epic tale of radness!
Features a strong, light-weight and water-resistant core with dual (x2) maple-ply wood stringers and high density bottom to make it the stiffest most durable Beater ever made!
All Original PRO models are equipped with our new hi-performance fin system and 4" Beater PRO model Keel fins.

 54" (4'6") x 20" x 2.5" (30 Liters)

FEATURES All-Purpose, Customizable Shred Stick!
Fun for all skill levels!
And can take a Beating!
Tapered D-rails and twin-channel crescent tail for finless performance.
Dual-composite core with twin maple-wood stringers.
Old-School 8lb PE deck and impact resistant HDPE slick skin.
Pop-thru leash plug at tail.
Requires surf wax for grip.
Designed in California, U.S.A. by Catch Surf.

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